About KORA Code™

KORA Code™ is a uniquely selected array of coaching solutions designed by KORA Associates, a Consulting and Coaching company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What is included in KORA Code™

Our all-encompassing set of leading coaching solutions allows you to handpick a module that meets your need at a particular point in time. Unparalleled variety of world-class modular solutions such as KORA™ are tailored to facilitate your personal development, while growing your interpersonal skills and developing authentic relationships with your friends, family, clients, business partners and others who are broadly connected to you or your organisation. More categories included in KORA Code™ are individually highlighted under our Resources page.

What KORA Code™ means for you

Our interactive coaching models are tailored in formats which are suitable for individuals at any stage of growth. Our designated blend of solutions enable you to grow in your understanding of Human behaviour. As a result you will see increased knowledge and benefits in your Personal & Business Development; Interaction with your peers through select cutting edge tools to boost your Leadership, Communications & Interpersonal Skills.

Who benefits from KORA Code™

KORA Code™ audience includes individuals, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Influencers of global organisations. We are known as the preferred partner when it comes to making a difference in people’s lives, organisations and communities. Those are values which enable us to partner with our clients from around the globe

How you can access KORA Code™

Our Team of qualified Professional Coaches will discuss your needs and create your unique flavour KORA Code™ to meet your individual demand or organisational requirements.