The Other Woman…In Y.O.U™


​The Other Woman…In Y.O.UTM is one of KORA CodeTM Diversity & Inclusion range of Development Solutions.

The Other Woman…In Y.O.UTM is exclusively designed to empower women at any stage and walk of life.

Uniquely Woman
The core benefit of this module is the discovery of the fascinating aspects of womanhood both in personal and professional life.
Three positive aspects unfold as you go through the journey of discovering gifts and roles women play at various levels of society.

As You Are
Gain self-confidence while assessing your current values and increasing your self-awareness. Understand various conscious and unconscious biases which shaped past behaviours and select helpful tools to shape your bright future.

Balance new perspectives of Y.O.U.rself through new lenses and additional values to spring forth throughout the process.

Turnaround Trend TM
Unleash The Other Woman in you with 5 life Transformational coaching trends.
Live a triumphal life by realising your fullest potential through Knowledge of talents, threats, and techniques to empower you throughout every season of your life.

At completion of The Other Woman…In Y.O.UTM core modules participants will have gained knowledge in the following:

  • Uniqueness of Womanhood.

  • Awareness of Conscious & Unconscious biases.

  • Authentic Life Discovery

  • Talent Management

  • Leadership Development Skills