Profit Protocol for Pros™


The Profit Protocol for Pros TM (P3) is one of KORA Code TM   Sales & Marketing Performance Coaching Solutions.
A world-class business protocol for individuals, teams, organisations with the need to grow their performance while being profitable.

Profit Protocol for Pros™ Audience
P3 is a Protocol perfectly suited for Professionals (Pros) in any organisation with Marketing, Sales & Customer Services operations, Researchers,
Strategists, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.  

What you can expect from P3
Organisations following P3 protocol become more productive, while increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Protocol
P3 insightful and powerful variety of well-crafted mechanisms you will gain quick understanding and mastery of 10 core Principles of Productivity and Profitability:

  • Analyse current performance vs. growth plans

  • Undertake Action with Competitive Analysis

  • Solve Client problems efficiently

  • Turn Problems into Sales opportunities

  • Perfect your Pitch and Sales Presentations

  • Gain insight of the best Demo meetings

  • Increase your Client Satisfaction & Retention

  • Understand Decision Making processes

  • Beat your Competition through Innovation

  • Uncover key local and global Partnerships

  • Become your clients number one choice

  • Equip your Sales & Client retention Staff

At completion of The Profit Protocol for Pros TM core modules participants will have gained knowledge in the following:

  • Strategy & Business Development Skills

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Account Management & Client Retention

  • Sales and Presentation Skills

  • Profit Generation Processes