The Imprint Intelligence Instigator TM is an advanced and easy to follow 5 steps coaching module that will help you bringing out the best that is already inside of you!

The letter K stands for Know Yourself. This core module focuses on 5 aspects of self-discovery, including finding the gifts and treasures hidden in your true Identity.

  Through Relationship Wisdom WheelsTM, you will gain a wealth of wisdom in effective Interaction with others. This core module is designed to grow your levels of Communication Skills through the knowledge of various manners of interactions.

The letter R stands for Relate. Any relationship requires a specific and disctinct wisdom in order for it to function and become mutually beneficial.
The Peer Revealer RoadmapTM  core module enables you to stir Interest in others, understand your peers, friends, family, clients, business partners and even your competitors. 

The letter O stands for Others.  
Our carefully chosen content of this core module entails 7 highly efficient aspects which are set to improve your People Skills.


The Agreement Accelerator TM is a core module of 5 uniquely designated steps which will help you tap into your Intuition, gain greater soft-skills that allow you to come in agreement with people easily and therefore improve your relationships.

The letter A stands for Authentically. Authenticity is one of the skills required to increase your development, while interacting with others genuinely. This core module is designed to help you relate with people authentically while advancing in your knowledge of self and others.