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What is the difference between those who dream only and those who make their dreams come true? I am glad you asked :-)
Everyone has what it takes to give birth to something new.Bringing forth something tangible from what is intangible is the key.
What is the actual definition of this inspirational compound word? Its rich meanings are:
a. to give birth to; deliver; bear: to bring forth a son/daughter.
b. to give rise to; introduce: to bring forth a proposal for reducing costs etc.

Here are some common traits, yet unique features observed among World’s Top Influencers. Enjoy and deploy this success recipe for yourself:

1.Variety - Novelty or change is an inevitable human need which leads to growth.
2.Creativity- Catch that one idea that keeps coming nudging. That is your hidden treasure!
3.Propensity- Natural inclinations and passion are your GPS on the road to success. Follow them!
4.Density - Passion for success is an intense inside job. Only you can carry your baby.
5.Diversity - Fact is: not everyone in your circle can dream your dream. Dare to be different!
6.Adversity - There is a great deal of opportunities in oppositions. make them work for you.
7.Identity – You know who you truly are, when you believe in what you give birth to.
8.Serendipity- Stellar achievements appear to be a lucky strike to those who want to cut corners.
9.Serenity- When it’s all said and done, fulfillment is the reward for the journey.
10.Certainty- What you now know is someone else’s aspiration for variety, creativity and serenity.

Questions for you: What is the baby you carry inside of you (dream or vision)?

The delivery room is right here. Bring forth that child into this world…

Find a midwife (aka Coach/Mentor) to see you through the birthing pains and contractions (Planning/Goal setting)…

Before you know it, you’ll deliver the most beautiful baby (success) you’ve ever held in your arms...

It will rise and honour your life (respect/awards) with a legacy for your future generations (your actual children & the world)...

Time to Conceive!

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