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What could possibly be special about genius inventors and innovators? Ever thought about what was going through Thomas Eddison’s Head and Heart when he invented the light bulb? What about Kellogs brothers who discovered cornflakes by serendipity?

After researching some of the greatest inventors and innovators of all times. We notice a beautiful harmony within a person that goes straight from the Heart to the Head and then into the Hands which create an ultimate and unique invention.

Here are some keys to help you on your path to Innovation:  

1-      Insight: Inventions and creations start off as abstract yet piercing thoughts, dreams and ideas
2-      Light: Take your idea, dream and vision into the bright day light by writing it down
3-      Night: Early days of innovation can be opaque and dark. Equip yourself with enthusiasm!
4-      Sight: Only you can see it first, don’t be surprised or discouraged if others can’t picture it at first
5-      Fright: Fear is not the absence of courage. Courage is doing what you want even while afraid.
6-      Right: Stand firm and immovable to the knowledge of what you know is true in your heart
7-      Fight: Contend for your vision. Some battles of discouragements are both external and internal!
8-      Might: Your strength is perfected and demonstrated when discouraged, yet you don’t quit.
9-      Flight: When you don’t quit, you win. That’s when you are ready to take off to higher altitude
10-   Bright: The future can only be bright after enduring the inevitable growth process of innovation

Did you know you have an Innovative idea inside of you?  What if you have a potential to create a whole new industry? Think of what Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Uber etc. have done in recent years… who can live without “googling” anything today?

The world is waiting for you to discover your unique innovative idea then deploy it. Don’t let fear rob you from your unique Intellectual Property that is already inside of you!

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