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  Attribute #3 - Develop
  When you think about greatest Leaders and Influencers that ever lived, who do you see? What do you admire in them?
  Who is your role model? Why them?

 Whether your role model is Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein or Jesus. 
All of these great Leaders and Influencers had one essential attribute in common.
 They lived a life knowing:
 - Who they were and why they were alive
 - They were clear about their life purpose and mission
 - Their personal development was key to remain focussed
 - They developed people around them and encouraged them to go beyond the status quo
To this day, most of us still celebrate their extraordinary contribution to the world.

Did you know that you also have the same capacity to impact many lives majorly? 
I can hear you say: no, really? How is it possible? I can barely make it for myself…

These seven simple steps will help you develop yourself, others, organisations & communities you belong to.

1- Dare: to believe that you have something to offer to the world. You, too, can develop something and change the status quo. Don’t be afraid to go against all odds.
2- Discover: your gifts, talents, your strengths will point you to the direction of your purpose in life.
3- Disposition: focus on character development. It is greater than gifts, talents and ability to perform.
4- Dealer: exchange your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with like-minded people.
5- Deliver: Influencers and Thought Leaders are go-to people and reliable resources. Aspire to be one!
6- Dollar: Financial rewards are inevitable add-ons to your success. Focus on the mission, money inevitably follows.
7- Destiny: a life lived knowing who you are and your contribution to the world is more fulfilling than anything else

                                                                                    "Leaders are dealers in Hope" – Napoleon Bonaparte


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