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 Attribute #1 - Create

 Ever thought about the person who created the industry you are in? What about the car you drive or the bus you ride?
 Or the device you are using to read this message? Was the Social Media industry around when you were at school?

If the answer to one of these questions is no, then you qualify to become the next creator of a whole new industry!

We all have the ability to create a new world around us. It can be in the shape of a family, a business, an industry, a community etc.

If this is true, what do I need to do? I am glad you asked that question! wink emoticon

The answer is in you. That dream or passion you have, is the key to your brand new world.

Fear will tell you that you don't have enough skills, money or time to follow your dreams and aspirations. When you get over your fears, other negative internal and external voices, then a door to new opportunities will open up. Inside of you lies an idea for new creations of businesses, industries and answers to other people’s challenges.

Just like Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, JD Rockefeller, Carnegie, Rothschild etc. you too have the potential to leave a legacy for next generations.

Here are 7 keys to get you create your new world:

1- Ponder: Take time to think. Conquer the fear that held you back. Make a decision to say Yes, I CAN!
2- Project: Write down your dream or aspiration. Be specific about what you want to achieve. Turn your dream into a tangible and measurable goal. 
3- Pursue: Get going with research, processes and frameworks around materialization of your goal. 
4- Partner: Has your dream been realized by someone else before? Good. Can you do it better? Look for someone to mentor you in achieving your goal.
5- Persist: Great achievement comes with preparation, perspiration & persistence. Don't give up!
6- Power: Financial rewards are just one aspect of success. When you create something new, you establish yourself as an expert figure in your domain. 
7- Participate: Now that you have created a new world for yourself, mentor and inspire others do the same.

"If you are not living your dream, you are living someone else's dream"

That is how you become a World Changer. Go create and re-create yourself!

- KORA Team

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