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  Attribute # 2 - Collaboration

What is the secret behind long lasting friendships or relationships? Why do some teams or companies perform better than others? 
Have you ever wondered why some people are better communicators than others? Or why is it that some people appear to be more “charismatic” than others?

The secret to all of these questions lies in the principle of collaboration. By definition the word collaboration means to “work one with another, or side by side”. This implies that there are two or more people in the equation. For any given relationship to function - be it family, friendship or professional – it requires a good portion of collaboration. 

Here are 7 constructive concepts to consider when creating a good collaboration. 

1.Collision: Two or more individuals coming together have more than one idea, interest and attitude. To foster a healthy collaboration, it is key to focus on the common goal or vision. 
2.Craft: Creating an atmosphere which is conducive to a great collaboration is a conscious skill.
3.Compliment: Charismatic people are those who acknowledge others positively. “People like people who like them”. Say positive things you see or like in others.
4.Confidence: Trust in oneself and others is the fuel that facilitates important and/or difficult conversations.
5.Control: Aspire to master self-control. Let go of things that are beyond your sphere of influence.
6.Commitment: Dedication is the essential ingredient to lasting and meaningful relationships. 
7.Care: Empathy and genuine concern for others will take you further than you can imagine.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - Gestalt" 

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