link.png Attribute # 5 - Bring forth
What's the difference between those who dream only and those who make their dreams come true? Everyone has what it takes to give birth to something new.Bringing forth something tangible from what is intangible is the key. What's the actual definition of this inspirational compound word? a. to give birth to; deliver; bear: to bring forth a son/daughter. b. to give rise to; introduce: to bring forth a proprosal

link.png Attribute # 4 - Innovate
What could possibly be special about genius inventors and innovators? Ever thought about what was going through Thomas Eddison’s Head and Heart when he invented the light bulb? What about Kellogs brothers who discovered cornflakes by serendipity?

link.png ​Attribute #3 - Develop
When you think about greatest Leaders and Influencers that ever lived, who do you see? What do you admire in them? Who is your role model? Why them?
Whether your role model is Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein or Jesus. 
All of these great Leaders and Influencers had one essential attribute in common

link.png Attribute # 2 - Collaboration
What is the secret behind long lasting friendships or relationships? Why do some teams or companies perform better than others? 
Have you ever wondered why some people are better communicators than others? Or why is it that some people appear to be more “charismatic” than others?
The secret to all of these questions lies in the principle of collaboration

link.png Attribute #1 - Create

Ever thought about the person who created the industry you are in? What about the car you drive or the bus you ride?
Or the device you are using to read this message? Was the Social Media industry around when you were at school?

If the answer to one of these questions is no, then you qualify to become the next creator of a whole new industry!

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